If you are planning a corporate event and are looking to do something sophisticated and engaging, we offer professionally hosted, fully staffed wine tasting evenings for SMEs and larger businesses at a venue of your choosing. Whether it's the end of a conference, celebrating project completion, networking or team-building, one of our wine tasting or gin tasting events should definitely be on your shortlist!

Wine Tastings for Business

If you have ever been to one of our wine or spirit tastings in any of our stores, you'll know that we are entertaining as well as knowledgeable. We know our drink inside out and in many cases have been to the vineyards to meet the makers, so we really know how to talk about our wines. Our passion is as engaging as it is infectious, leaving your guests both merry and wise.

We offer a range of different options and price points that we can tailor to suit your event. We provide everything within the per-head cost, including pouring staff, glassware and tasting notes. All you have to do is provide the venue and invite your guests! Take a look at some of our example events below.


This event starts with a glass of fizz, then guests are divided into teams ready to taste a selection of wines, whose identities have been concealed! Teams are then challenged to answer a number of questions on each wine, from grape variety to country of origin. 

Our hosts are on hand throughout to provide guidance, entertain and to keep score throughout the event. With prizes for the winning team, this is an evening of great wine, good fun and you may even learn a thing or two!

Prices from £25 per head.



Gin is most definitely in, so why not entertain your clients or colleagues with the world’s most popular spirit? With so many small-batch craft gins to choose from, there is a gigantic range of gin to choose from, and we've picked some of the best!

This event can be run as a traditional tasting, or with a competitive team element with prizes for the winning team.

Prices from £30 per head.


Hosted by two of our ever knowledgeable and effervescent wine experts, but which one is telling you the truth? With the room divided into teams, each host will describe the wine, and it’s up to you to taste and decide who is telling you the whole truth and who is bluffing.

This is a really interactive format and guaranteed to get people talking. Prizes will be given to the winning team.

Prices from £25 per head.


“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” - Mark Twain. We wholeheartedly agree!

A champagne tasting is a fantastic way to reward staff, or celebrate success! This event can be run as a traditional tasting, or with a competitive team element challenging guests to identify their Cava from their Krug.

Prices from £30 per head.