La Chinata have created a series of products for daily use with your baby, based on their best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to relieve irritations and retain skin moisture.These five milks, oils and soaps have been enriched with plant extracts including Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Witch-Hazel, Wheat germ, and Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera for their moisturizing and regenerative properties. Paraben and Allergen free.

Set Contains: Moisturizing Bath Gel 100ml, Body Oil 100ml, Soft Shampoo 100ml, Moisturizing Body Lotion 100ml, Mild Perfume 100ml and a natural sponge.


We import all our delicious La Chinata products ourselves directly from the producers in Spain, giving us one of the largest ranges of their products in the UK. La Chinata have been specialist producers of olive oil since 1932. They are currently unique in their use of their flagship product, extra virgin olive oil, as a fundamental ingredient in their gourmet food and cosmetic products. We love their products and we are certain you will too!

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La Chinata Natural Edition Gift Set - Baby