Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese…

Don’t worry, I will go Caerphilly with the cheese puns, i don’t want them to grate on you. Its fair to say that one of the most exciting things about coming to Whitmore & White was the cheese offering from powerful Munster to rich Perl Las, our cheeses are some of the best that Great Britain and Europe have to offer. here are my top 5.

5. Perl Wen, Caws Cenarth, Wales, Cows’ Milk, Soft. Step aside Sir Tom, there is a new Welsh superstar on the block. With its citrus acidity and creamy texture, Perl Wen is a stunning example of modern Welsh cheese at its very best. At room temperature it is slightly gooey in the middle, and pairs beautifully with our Fine Cheese Co. Onion Chutney.

4. Burt’s Blue, Burt’s Cheese, England, Cows’ Milk, Soft Blue. This is the flagship cheese from Cheshire creamery Burt’s. It has a wonderful soft texture, the more aged it becomes the softer and richer it gets. It tastes like a classic blue cheese with a hint of saltiness and beautiful creamy texture. This cheese does exhibit seasonal variation in terms of aging and colour, it can have paler grey blue coating to darker grey green coating. Try with our Fine Cheese Co. Toast for Cheese Cherries, Almonds and Linseed.

3. Carboncino, Cows’, Ewes’, and Goats’, Italy, Soft. Ewe have to have an Italian cheese in this list, and this cheese is certainly worthy of its number 3 spot. Made from 3 different milks, this luscious, soft and rich cheese is aged in ash for an extra dimension of flavour. This would make the perfect centre piece to any cheese board! Fantastic with a zesty Sauvignon blanc like our Marlborough Sauvignon from Riverby Estate, New Zealand.

2. Cornish Yarg, Lynher Dairies, Cows’, England, Hard. This is a fully nettle wrapped hard cheese, with a pleasant clean and fresh flavour. The perfect alternative to cheddar in your cheese and chutney sandwich. The fully edible rind of nettles gives a gentle mushroom flavour and helps keep the cheese moist and soft, but still crumbly towards the centre. Try on our freshly baked Sourdough bread, delivered fresh to the West Kirby store every morning.

1. Brillat Savarin, Rouzaire, Cows’, France, Soft. This triple cream, aged french cheese is sinfully rich from start to finish. Hailing from Burgundy in France, it has a beautiful light and delicate centre with a strong earthy rind. Certainly not an everyday cheese, but one to savor after a special meal. The flavour is delicate and zesty, hints of a sour note that means this cheese is rich enough to stand up to a good Rhone wine, like our Châteauneuf-du-Pape Domaine Berthet-Rayne.

I hope you liked this cheesy countdown, all cheeses, wines, chutneys and biscuits mentioned are available in our West Kirby, Heswall and Frodsham Stores!



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