Too Grown Up For Paddington!

I was so excited to try the new Montserrat Marmalade and Blueberry & Apple Jam made in-store by Whitmore & White, as the collaboration of minds behind them are the epitome of great taste and quality. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day - well it just got a whole lot better! 

Whitmore & White are the brains behind the taste and ingredients, and the talented Janey Fern, also known as Chilli Gourmets of Heswall, has brought these scrummy breakfast preserves to life working out of the W&W West Kirby store kitchens. By pooling their culinary experiences, knowledge and desire to create perfection they’ve created a deliciously tasty jam and marmalade with the distinct taste of Whitmore & White Gin.

The Verdicts

This Montserrat Marmalade is too grown up for Paddington! The tang of orange and grapefruit hits your senses first, closely followed by the zesty lemons and limes. The clever addition of pineapple sweetens and compliments the mouth-watering fruits effortlessly. And then the bit you’ve all been waiting for - the gin - and believe me you can really taste the fresh juniper spirit cutting through the exquisite citrus flavours.  A marmalade that is quite addictive, I’ve developed Paddington’s habit of grabbing a marmalade sandwich anytime of the day. The addiction hasn’t got so bad that I hide it under my hat, well, not yet anyway.

My parents have always made their own jams, I have many happy memories walking into the kitchen to find both mum and dad stirring a gloopy looking concoction in what I thought was the world’s largest pan. Autumn was the best time of year for jam making as the juicy fruits are bursting with flavour. It’s very rare that you find a jar of jam that comes close to the comfort of a home-made jam … until now that is!

I applaud Whitmore & White for producing such an evocative jar of juicy loveliness.  It goes without saying that the first sniff of their Blueberry & Apple Jam was gorgeous, the first taste was delicious but I just LOVE the texture!  It’s got true fruity substance with just the right amount of plump ‘bits’.  The fruits are in perfect quantities without the blueberry or Cheshire apples overpowering the other.  The Whitmore & White Gin gives a friendly wave right at the end.  If you want Autumn in a jar, then this is the jam for you.

Thank you, you clever people!

Mandi x

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