Porcus Welcomed to Whitmore & White

We are beyond thrilled to welcome some delicious new pork products to our range in store! Porcus is a small farm business nestling on the moors above the town of Todmorden in the South Pennines. Following the success of their outstanding sausages, bacon and cured meats Porcus have created a range of pork-based meals in a jar that have already been a huge hit! 

All Porcus pork comes from their traditional rare breed pigs, which are raised outdoors to the highest welfare standards, just as nature intended. They’re happy, healthy and active as they range freely around the fields, and because they are raised for longer, they’re fit as fiddles and fantastically flavoursome!

Porcus Meals in a Jar Porcus Meals in a Jar

The new Meal in a Jar range are all made using that same high quality pork and we can promise you that every one of them is sublime - trust us, we've tried them all repeatedly! Whether you pick the Prussian Meatballs or the Hearty Pork Goulash, each one is cooked in small batches and can simply be heated up in a pan or in the microwave. In just a few minutes you have yourself a whole delicious meal!

The full Porcus range is now available in all of our shops!

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