Top 10 Wines Under £10

We like a list. Everybody likes a list. This list is a list of our top ten wines under a tenner. Simple. Or is it? Trying to find a wine that isn’t a “supermarket” wine that can be sold under £10 these days is harder than you’d imagine!

There are many wines that you see on shelves for £5-6 that tick boxes for what you pay for them but at the end of the day you’re only paying about 50p for the wine within the bottle once duty, VAT, producer cost, logistics and retailer margin are considered. Just going up a few pounds all of a sudden gives an exponential rise in the quality of the wine in the bottle. So, you can rest assured that the wines in this list are fantastic value for money.

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San Abello Sauvignon Blanc

A fresh, crisp and very fruity Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. A classic “midweek wine”. Not high in alcohol and if this was served to you by the glass in a bistro you would definitely have a second glass. It works very nicely with goat’s cheese salads too.

San Abello Rose

The rose cousin to the San Abello Sauvignon Blanc. Dry, but incredibly fruity which takes the edge off the dryness. Not as dry as a Provence rose but nowhere near as sweet as a Zinfandel rose. It’s just out and out “fruity” and delicious because of such. Perfect by itself or even with a second glass.

Torre del Falasco Corvina

A baby Valpolicella, but much more than many inferior Valpolicellas on the market. A lighter bodied wine, with cherry and raspberry notes. Purely fruit driven but with a lip-smacking edge to it that makes it great on its own or with simple pasta + ragu dishes.

Palazzo del Mare Nero d’Avola

Nero d’Avola is “the’ black grape of Sicily. It can make light and easy drinking wines and it can make richer, earthy wines that cry out for food. This wine is in the former category. That said, it’s no shrinking violet. It’s got bags of raspberry and blackberry fruit, soft tannins and a lovely savoury edge. This makes it very versatile - great with or without food.

Vallemayor Rioja Blanco

A blend of Viura (the Rioja white grape) and Sauvignon Blanc. Relaxing the rules around what grapes can be used for Rioja wines has allowed use of international grapes and the Sauvignon Blanc in this wine has freshened up what otherwise would have been a rather bland style. We are VERY impressed with this white wine. Crisp, with grassy notes and a good citrus core.

Vallemayor Rioja Tinto

Made purely from Tempranillo this wine is stainless steel fermented and kept in bottle for 6 months prior to release. That keeps all the primary fruit notes to the fore. Strawberry, raspberry and cherry notes abound with smooth tannins and fresh but balanced acidity making it perfect with tapas.


The Wolftrap Red

From the guys that bring you “The Chocolate Block” red wine (see link). A blend of Syrah, Mourvedre and Viognier (yes a white grape in a red wine). This wine adheres to many of the principles of excellent Cotes du Rhone and as such we refer to it as a “South African Cotes du Rhone” when we talk about it to our customers. Spicy and earthy, with blackberry and mulberry fruit notes.

Felicette Grenache Rouge

“Space-cat red” as we lovingly refer to it. This is delicious. The Grenache grape, when not handled properly can make clumsy red wines - too much acidity and clunky tannins. This is as far removed from that style as can possibly be. It is a smooth, medium bodied red with plum and redcurrant fruit and well integrated tannins. Perfect as a glass on its own, this will also work very nicely with a slow cooked casserole.

Felicette Grenache Rose

The rose version of the red wine. As it’s made from the black Grenache grape, it gives slightly more colour to the finished wine than, say, you’ll see in a Provence rose. The fruit is redcurrant and raspberry and as it’s Grenache, the acidity is there giving structure to the finished wine. Refreshing and delightful on it’s own, this wouldn’t be out of place accompanying a salmon or red mullet dish.


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