An Exclusive Taste of Continental Europe

Here at Whitmore & White we pride ourselves on bringing you world-class products.  There’s nothing on our shelves that we haven’t tried and fallen in love with and we strive to inspire you with new and exciting foods which you probably haven’t seen elsewhere. This is why we import so much of our range ourselves from Continental Europe - no middlemen, no wholesalers, no nonsense. From the maker, straight to our shelves, we're a truly continental delicatessen.

On our travels we often stumble upon something which makes us go ‘wow, we have to stock that in our shops’.  And with a little effort, we have managed to do just that.  Importing these gourmet delights direct from the supplier gives our shops uniqueness and exclusivity - a bit like a ‘members-only’ club.

So, let us introduce you to La Chinata, Villa Reale and Giusti Balsamic Vinegars, all of which are imported by Whitmore & White into the UK, and all of which are absolutely delicious!

La Chinata

These specialists in olive oil have been using the olives from the Sierra de Gata region of Spain since 1932.  Over the years they have perfected the oil extraction process to guarantee the quality of their extra virgin olive oil.  La Chinata is now in its fourth generation and the knowledge gained has been passed down as a family tradition.

It goes without saying that we stock their sumptuous olives and delectable olive oil.  But it doesn’t stop there, La Chinata have incorporated their oil into other peerless goodies including honey, jams, pate, flavoured oils, pulp vinegars, sun dried tomatoes, potatoes for tortillas and cosmetics.  And yes, we have all these on our shelves.

We’re massive fans of the potatoes for tortillas, perfect for when you want something delicious, healthy and quick!  Just add eggs for a flawless Spanish omelette.

Villa Reale

 For more than 26 years Campo d’Oro, the makers of Villa Reale, have been producing a vast range of gastronomic products, keeping alive a family tradition committed to creating luxury gourmet Italian sauces.

All the way from Italy we bring to you a wide range of all-natural, authentic Italian pasta sauces, pesto and bruschetta toppings.

These sauces of mama-mia deliciousness are perfect for coating meat, fish and vegetables or simply poured over pasta.  The pesto is a firm favourite, it makes our mouths water just thinking about it mixed into pasta with a generous topping of Pecorino cheese …. yum!

Giusti Balsamic Vinegars

Founded in 1605, Giusti is the oldest producer of balsamic vinegar of Modena in the world.  With seventeen generations of vinegar makers they are arguably the finest and most experienced producers of delicious balsamic vinegar on the planet.  As well as their balsamic vinegar, Giusti also produce a range of superb balsamic glazes for cooking and drizzling.

Today, Giusti is one of the most awarded and highly regarded producers of balsamic vinegar. It's popularity here in the UK has grown significantly in recent years, and it is certainly in demand here at Whitmore & White as there are only a few UK importers.

The balsamic glazes have become staples in our kitchen as they bring any dish to life.  We use the sweet, syrupy drizzle over meats, fish or use as a tasty dip for antipasto.

And as for the vinegar, it’s so much more than just a salad dressing.  Use it to flavour soups, marinate meats and even use in cocktails!  Yes, you read that right, the sweetness of the vinegar can complement many a concoction.  Go on, get adventurous in your kitchen – it might just become your secret weapon!

What Next?

Who knows.  As we widen the net on our travels we’ll be bringing back with us even more irresistible goodies.  We did notice that another famous export of Modena was the Ferrari and Lamborghini ….. well, we can all dream!

Jamie and Joe

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