Celebrity Drinking Buddy - Who Would You choose?

We've all been asked this question, 'which celebrities would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?'

With an infinite constellation of stars where do you start? You'd consider who would make you laugh, who do you have a crush on, who do you find inspirational and who you would like to give a piece of your mind to.

Or, you could just invite those who have the same taste as you - your drinking buddies.

What Can I Get You?

The answer you don't want to hear is 'a pomegranate & blackberry puree martini please' or 'I fancy a blueberry ginger bourbon sour if you don't mind'. What! These convoluted drinks with hard to find ingredients is a put off - so I'm afraid Madonna and Johnny Depp won't be receiving an invite.

Steve Carell, Keanu Reeves and Clint Eastwood are in team red wine and appear to know a thing or two about their chosen drink; Keanu is especially fussy on the grape and year. I would need to invite one of Whitmore & White's qualified and knowledgeable wine professionals to act as the sommelier to appease their demands.

Now, if I was going down the cocktail route and hosting my party in the summer I could invite Beyonce and CeeLo Green, both lovers of Long Island Iced Tea. Jennifer Aniston could come too to enjoy her favourite Margarita. As long as my cabinet is full of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec and my fruit bowl is overflowing with citrus fruits I could help quench everyone's thirst. What a fab line up - I don't mean the celebrities I mean the versatility of these spirits.

Easy To Please

Not all stars act like divas when it comes to their favoured sup. Will Ferrell, Simon Cowell and Matthew McConaughey will settle for a cold beer. Smashing, they can help themselves from the beer fridge, I would like to think they would drink straight from the bottle - no washing up, bonus! So far these guys are winning.

J K Rowling loves a classic gin and tonic; who doesn't?

What Else?

I imagine George Clooney would be on many a fantasy dinner party guest list. Apparently he doesn't champion coffee, he would much prefer a Raspberry Cheesecake - not the food, the drink. This is made from vodka, chambord (black raspberry liqueur), thick cream, sour mix and mint leaves. Sorry George, as much as I'd love to have a drink with you, this is a bit too finicky for me.

Calling Gloria

These popular household names seem a punctilious bunch and I bet they're hard to please, so, after extensive research I have come to the conclusion that I actually just want to go for a drink with one celebrity. She's funny, beautiful, vivacious and when asked what she loves to drink, she simply answers 'wine'. A girl after my own heart - Sofia Vergara.

Have a think, who would be your celebrity drinking buddy?


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